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Hitting and maintaining something like all 30 Standards at the age of 9 (started in Kindergarten) indefinitely?


If we could only get into youth programming like PhysEd, as a proactive approach.  Fixing and undoing people is obviously important, but similar philosophy to preventative health care vs. Chronic condition symptom treating care and disease management.  $1 proactive saves a $1M in being reactive.  

@Kneesovertoesguy Could you even imagine hitting and maintaining something like all 30 Standards at the age of 9 (started in Kindergarten) indefinitely?  Couldn’t even imagine having that hardware for life.  Child mobility with adult strength, force generation and perceptual motor control.


I love it… I built a gymnastics thing today at HQ for Onyx and Keegan’s kids. 

I think youth ATG is almost like “ATG Calisthenics”. Then it’s so easy to add dumbbells and then barbells as they get a little older

Keegan and I have been keeping a list for CSU (the school for my kids) …

1. Kid-safe Backward Sled

 2. Sled Row

 3. Nordic

 4. Slant Squat

 5. Hang

 6. Support

 7. Pull up

 8. Push up

 9. L-Sit

Just a rough list so far. The idea on the sled is more like a sack they can drag and row. So that there’s no metal to run over anyone’s foot. It would stage by age. This is like the stuff probably a 5 year old could start that - in moderation - would be fun and easy to integrate into a gym class, with balanced sports, kicking, throwing, catching, etc.

Yep, for the 5 year old starting program that’s probably it. ✅😂 As the future gym teacher of CSU I’m very excited. 😂 CSU will be 1:1 ratio classroom vs active/outdoors. ATG for kids will be much more strategize though than what’s being done so far. Example…

Progressing kids to lightweight hack squats on slant = ELITE VMOs for their age. Compared to “ok now bodyweight half squat” = no special long-term adaptation

No doubt tons are doing half push ups, half squats, (NO hamstrings), jumping jacks, running, etc. Good to be in shape but no special long-term adaptation like we can give kids. Kids can hack squat and Nordic easy and built protection to make the rest of life much easier, and all in super moderation Then when they start to “want to throw farther” you add rotators etc.

You have a base any 5 year old can start and then you have exact steps from there. Like everything ATG, step by step systems rather than random.

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