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How to optimize nutrition?


Hello ATG family, been working hard these last few months and workouts are going great. I have been wanting to optimize my nutrition for even better results (or at least improve as much as I can). Does anyone here have any experience in this field? Or does anyone know about any programs/trainers they would recommend? Best regards from Iceland,


Gunnar there’s actually a ton of experience on nutrition in this chat. I used to have many diets written up but decided my best role for ATG is the exercises. So ATG doesn’t have diet advice.

If you share your goal, someone can surely provide what’s worked for them.

I think of it to such a basic view now that:

1. If you supply the necessary nutrients for survival, they could come from a variety of sources.

2. You still have calories in vs calories out and certain foods are easier to overeat.

Some people win with ONLY meat because it does provide the nutrients necessary to survive.

Meanwhile the body would die on only bananas.

But to say a banana is “bad” or meat is “bad” would be incorrect. It’s the context that matters.

So if I want to get SHREDDED I stick to foods that deliver the nutrients that I don’t tend to overeat.

Example: I’m not “against” carbs but I simply cut them and I can get super shredded even without excess time to exercise. As a dad I don’t have a ton of time to exercise.

But if I said “carbs are bad” “low carb is the way” that would not be accurate since context would have to matter.

I’m most generally happy on a balanced diet of real foods. So now you add the mental side. For some people giving themselves more freedom works for them. Find what works for you.

Diet is too simple, quite frankly (My opinion). Exercise form is WAY harder to master. In both cases, get back to nature and things tend to go well.

Nothing in ATG does anything beyond restoring natural balances to the body. So I think of diet the same way. 

Hope that random diet recap helps in some way.

Last tip: what works for you may fluctuate! After periods of more carbs I find myself feeling amazing to cut out the carbs! And vice versa!

So how could I argue diet if my own self enjoys different diets lol?!

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