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Impact of Backward Sled on Knee Protection

Max Weiner, [10/07/2023 02:54]

I had an interesting personal case study recently... sorta relates to your insider series 21 above.

After backward sledding 5 days/week for a few months I had to take a few weeks off due to a rib injury and I wasn't going to the gym. Although I was doing some other things at home like step ups and calf raises.

When I got healthy I went to hoop. I was eager to run and feeling well rested and energy bottled up I played hard.

After playing I felt knee pain for the first time in a while. I remember how @Kneesovertoesguy talks about how there's always the equation of protection vs impact.

So I feel like the absence of backward sled had a significant impact on my knee protection. Thoughts? (I also have been missing out on my Nordics which were huge in getting me healthy in the first place).

Has anyone ever experienced any time away from backward sled and noticed anything similar? What's the best substitute in your opinion if no access to sled?

Ben Patrick, [12/07/2023 05:07]

Max for basketball, I’d say that sled is amazing for healing, but full squats would represent the king of bulletproofing reserve. Hope that mindset helps!

Max Weiner, [12/07/2023 21:39]

Thanks Ben! Definitely helps shift my mindset. I tried your split squat method of 5 seconds down and 5 up (had previously only been doing 5 seconds hold at the bottom and straight up straight down with intention but not that slow). Burn was unreal and my legs are actually getting jacked through ATG. Been chicken legs my whole life so it's sick to now see some real leg definition🔥

Ben Patrick, [13/07/2023 00:53]

Max great job!

Fernando and Ben C inspired the recent additions of long pauses and slow tempos on split squat. Same lift… so many specific uses!!!! HUGE results lately off those two methods.

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