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Importance of Adaptation in Treating Back Pain


I read a lot of Stuart McGill back in the day to help me with my back pain.

The biggest conflict I think was he was very adamant about not bending the spine and comparing it to a credit card and how repeated bending would cause it crack. But I think for whatever reason, he left out the most important piece in my opinion: A card is not a biological structure. Your tissues adapt to stresses since that’s what biological structures do and I think that’s the main piece he’s missing.


@ranbirsanghera yep, I think we can see this across life… Overprotection may seem better than vulnerability… But being able to responsibly handle freedom kicks ass compared to restriction. ATG is a roadmap for the body to handle freedom.

Tomorrow is Sunday, meaning I get to go play basketball like a madman and SLAM - without thinking about my knees - something impossible for me before knees over toes. This freedom kicks ass compared to having to quit my sport.

Life is worth LIVING. Knees are for bending. And spines are made to move. 

Mastering the subjects is so liberating.

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