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Improving Hinge Movement with Seated GM

Morgen Grady, [28/06/2023 14:26]

How would one hit a hinge movement every day or every other day? What would that look like for you?

I’ve come to realize my hinge is the biggest weak link in my body and has stopped me from my jumping abilities! I tend to get a pinch or a bit of pain in my right sciatica area (right leg).. I am making progress with split squats but feel I need to add more hinge volume.

With dense daily being in the game next month as I was going to aim to hit it every other day.

Goal for July bring Seated GM up!

Just got “sunny” back extension so that will help.

Ben Patrick, [28/06/2023 18:55]

@morgengrady I don’t think daily is better for hinging. Seated GM is the deepest hinge, the foundation.

Theoretically, you can do anything daily, but use caution if doing so.

Fortunately, Seated GM responds well to slow tempos, and slow tempos can make a tough exercise therapeutic.

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