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Improving Knee Range with Flossing

Narine Ashnalikyan, [20/08/2023 08:57]

I have a client that doesn’t have much range in his right knee. He’s had 3 surgeries and is super limited. When I have him do split squats, elevation actually does NOT help and limits him more. So I have him go on flat ground. Is there anything else that can help in this kind of a situation? 

I’m having him hold each split squat for five seconds to get more blood flow and to feel more comfortable with range since we can’t elevate.

Ben Patrick, [20/08/2023 19:39]

Narine flossing can also help. As an ATG coach, I advise mastering flossing! 🫡

(Flossing the knee with a set of squats before the first set of split squats)

(And agreed that ankle and hip improve knee function!! 👏👏)

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