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Improving Knee Stability with Exercises.


Unique knee question:  

I injured my knee (combo of meniscus, MCL, bursitis; inside/medial part of the knee) and ATG has massively improved everything (working through Standards), but still feels subpar anytime I have a stressor creating a fulcrum/lever around that side of my knee, like doing hip adductor movement with band on ankle, kicking a soccer ball with inside of that foot, doing Copenhagen planks on that leg, etc.

Any ideas to improve that aspect/area of the knee?


That makes sense. Martin my top 2 pieces of advice for this could be added to:

1. Full squat

2. Eccentric Nordic or 2-up/1-down Ham Curl

These two simply make it harder to pry your knee open.

That doesn’t mean they only relate to a lateral torque, but even though they’re vertical exercises they still increase how hard it would be to pry the knee from any angle.

Meanwhile, a soft tissue practitioner or flossing around the knee itself may be needed for the old injury manifestations to be able to go further back to normal.

The idea would be to make tangible strength change to those exercises while working on reducing soft tissue issues around the knee.

Every previous regression applies. Years of split squats and step ups will still give years’ more gains! ✅

Someone may have a better short-term recipe but I just haven’t seen something work faster than that short-term, while being stable long-term, so that’s my current advice.

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