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Iron Neck not measurable or affordable

Brian Gill, [14/12/2022 14:30]

Sold! That said (or bought), what was your experience with the Iron Neck?

Having heard you mention it before, I was wondering how you applied (or apply) it to your neck training?

Ben Patrick, [14/12/2022 16:42]

Brian I didn’t find it measurable or affordable. Both keys for me to promote something.

I think for combat sports, I’d use every successful neck tool. For regular folks like me, measurable neck flexion and neck extension are a great start. In a combat sport the head gets hit from all angles so neck should probably be trained from all angles. “Non-combat-sport-athlete” would be a more fitting description…

In basketball we’re never taught to train the neck. Ben Clarfield points out taller basketball guys in particular wind up hunching over and need neck training. I’ve neglected it most of my life but working online, I feel I need it. So probably most anyone these days could benefit.

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