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Irritating Achilles Complaints in Zero Program?


Anyone heard of irritating achilles by doing the Zero program? Not me, just a client.

Havent heard that one before myself! Just wanted to hear if similar complaints have occured?


Eddie really most anything capable of healing is capable of harming. Like a depth jump is the most proven plyo but keep going up and you literally DIE lol. Seems like an extreme comparison but the point is exercises are not magical, how they’re applied is. Now, that’s also why sled is the foundation for new clients, because you CAN’T die. Put 10,000 pounds on a squat and you’re dead. Put 10,000 pounds on a sled and it just doesn’t move. You don’t even get HURT let alone die.

So anything with eccentric load can harm you if rushed and not fully understood and recovered from.

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