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Is Cossack Squat Safe?

Stephan, [14/11/2022 20:07]

Why isn´t the cosack squat part of the atg movements? wouldn´t it be like the split squat for the adductors? Or did I miss something?

Ben Patrick, [14/11/2022 20:18]

Stephan I don’t have much experience with it. Maybe there is potential. I’ve always thought that split squat and seated GM would help someone prepare for it. If ATG errs it will probably in LESS movements than more…

Poliquin suspected Cossack Squat of causing knee issues. Perhaps due to the pressure of loading (the knee that is stretching). Poliquin was an intimidating dude and I was too scared to ask why. I asked him about Cossack, he said no go for knees, I said “got it” lol!

Ben Clarfield any idea why Poliquin said no Cossack Squat?

Ben Clarfield, [14/11/2022 20:29]

With Charles it was always bang for buck and risk reward.

How much time does the skill take? Is the reward worth the risk?

It’s why he never said side splits are optimal but they are cool.

So the risk of Cossacks for the gain of knee stability was not worth it.

Ben Patrick, [14/11/2022 20:22]

Stephan if you think about an ATG Split Squat, the back leg is engaged, whereas in a Cossack Squat, yes, it is stretching, but it’s not actively engaged. So I think Cossack would be safe at light loads, personally. But not a long term progression like ATG Split Squat or Seated GM


(Question about lateral movement)

Chris old video. My theory is VMOs and mobile hips basically. If you watch lateral movement is slow motion it’s not the outside leg reaching, it’s the inside leg putting force into the ground + the skill of the sport.

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