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Joint Building: A Sensitive Subject

Ben Patrick, [17/12/2022 18:14]

(About a Twitter post on subject “JOING BUILDING”)

I’m not even sure how to share a Twitter post but as coaches we need to know these 3 statements by heart:

1. Why knees over toes was restricted

2. That it was unfounded and actually part of building THE JOINT

Yes, JOINTBUILDING is a subject. I was never taught this, only that you could build muscle. And it’s broadly assumed you can strengthen surrounding muscles, or fix tight hips, etc… All true, but you can build JOINTS too. BUT!!!…

3. There’s an inverse ratio of blood supply as you go deeper into the joint!

Therefore, joint building is by nature a more sensitive subject than muscle building, and this is why it’s gone broadly missed in exercise science. Totally makes sense. Not a conspiracy in my opinion, just simple human nature to run from problems.

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