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Kids Speed Training

Robert DeCillis, [21/06/2022 01:30]

I have a potential youth athlete coming in this week. Mom said he has Osteochondritis dissecans on both knees and osgood-schlatter. Wanted to pick some of the masterful minds on here to see how I should go about training. The child is going to PT twice a week as well. Thank in advance.


Robert I worked with a lot of kids. I’d say: Reverse sled, Poliquin Step up, ATG Split squat, VMO squats. HOWEVER: the sled, step up, and squat are easier to learn. Nordic eccentrics also easy to learn. Back extensions easy to learn Point is: ATG split squat depends on the skill level. Some youth are really uncoordinated, not self-disciplined etc. - even on slacker youngins the sleds, step ups, squats are super easy to dig into and build work ethic. Building a work ethic for youth is the best “exercise” I could give them. So choose wisely on stuff they can win with, coach wins, reward wins… but get them to work hard.

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