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Kids training too much

Udhay Chatha, [16/08/2023 02:39]


Hey Ben, if you were in a position like Jay Schroeder was where a kid like 17 year old Adam Archuleta came to you and would do literally ANYTHING to achieve his massive athletic goal (ex: Archuleta trained 6-7 hours a day everyday with Schroeder) of getting athleticism of Usian Bolt but wasn’t even close to it and you were his trainer and he would follow everything you tell him to do like a religion and he would dedicate his life completely to it and not be a pansy about the risks and you could experiment and test him all you want (like Schroeder did) what kind of SuperExtreme360MaxTURBO program would you create to help the athletes goal of challenging and experiencing the end ranges of natural human athletic transformation that someone like Schroeder and Archuleta worked towards achieving?

Ben Patrick, [16/08/2023 16:33]

Udhay varies by sport but I would use ATG programs with intent on progressive overload, whether you use a couple sets to failure, or Dense style 10 sets, it’s going to be the exercise selection and intent, in my opinion.

With young athletes trying to “shock the world” - intent has to be there to progress overload. It didn’t seem to matter what program. And there are a variety of goals. But I can leave you with a ROUTE, if you want a simple one…

For football, Dense WORKED. We paired antagonist ATG moves for 10 sets and that shit guaranteed transformation: ATG Split Squat & Seated GM, ATG Squat & Knee Flexion, Dips & Chins.

Young athletes can recover from a lot, so when in doubt, MASTER THE MOVES and progressive overload. To add to this, I would do 3-4 sessions per week only, not 5-6! Make each session a MASTERPIECE, that is guaranteed to cause adaptation. Then RECOVER.

For lower body dominated sports this would be: Squat session, Upper session, Split squat & lower back session.

For upper body sports I’d add a 4th session, so that you have a chest pressing session and an overhead pressing session, i.e., Dip & Chin. Then a few days later DB Shoulder Press & Rows!

This was our foolproof style with high school athletes. 3-4 sessions, not more. But WHOA does each one guarantee causing adaptation.

A. Sled

B. 2 accessory moves

C. 2 main moves

3-4 sessions per week. Track progress.

Morgen Grady, [16/08/2023 21:56]

So how does this look like something you might do than…

upper day 1-> dips and chins 

Upper day 2-> db chest press (45* incline or flat) and rows? With B series shoulder press

Ben Patrick, [19/08/2023 19:37]

@morgengrady here are a couple ways…

Simple: Upper B: DB Shoulder Press & Row Superset.

Fancier: Rotate 3 versions… Vertical: DB Shoulder & Chin. Incline: Incline DB or BB & Face Pull. Horizontal/Downward: Dip & Row.

No wrong ways to do it. Just try to balance angles of pressing and pulling.

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