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Klokov Raise and Cuban Press

Ben Patrick, [12/05/2023 22:54]

Don’t try this at the gym (Klokov Raise then Cuban Press). Try it at home.

After the ATG shoulder stability standards feel like a cupcake. Meaning 15% x 8 40X0 strict external rotators.

Poliquin once called the Klokov Raise “the overall king of shoulder development”. Perhaps he was excited about it at that time. I clipped my 5th and 1st reps here. Klokov Raise, then Cuban Press.

The key is eccentric control. All this is, is barbell Trap-3 and Rotators. But it does take a high level of weight training skill.

In each case you’re using a barbell and momentum to create eccentric overload. It’s easier for the rich to get richer, and it’s easier for the bulletproof to get more bulletproof.

Example: full squats make my knees even more bulletproof because my split squat is good. So please take the above video with context. I’m doing it because I spend 90+% of my time on lower body but I still want more badass shoulders, including superhuman bulletproof ones.

Last note: Cuban Press is one of the most cheated and butchered exercises of all time. I’m actually serious when I say I wouldn’t try it unless you can do 15% bodyweight strict dumbbell external rotation x 8.

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