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Knee Crack During Squats: Regress Exercise?

Mike Tillman, [09/06/2023 22:49]

Client help! I gotta guy who while doing ATG squats had no pain but a loud and consistent crack in his knee. He get fine, finished the workout but the next day he was pretty tender around the inside of his knee. He can walk fine but any lower bending really irritates it, he says the spot on the inner knee feels super tight.

Ben Patrick, [09/06/2023 23:29]

Mike these means it can’t glide right, so even if “no pain” it could be causing friction that would require recovery later. May need more underlying sled and step ups while using couch stretch and other mobility to open up. I don’t have people working through that kind of stuff for that reason. Patient recovery. 🙏

Couch stretch and piriformis are usually tight when it can’t glide right, but that’s general advice. He may have something more unique.

Mike Tillman, [09/06/2023 23:33]

Ok so loud cracks and pops even if no pain, you tend to regress the exercise?

Ben Patrick, [09/06/2023 23:34]

Yep, and sled and step up before split squat can help pump the area for less friction… But anyone with a major crack/pop on split squat probably has some significant stuff going on, and needs more base of strength and mobility anyways.

Flossing can be a helpful trick but I’m not sure how important it is. SLOW TEMPOS are key with clicks and pops. You can do down and up slowly and turn a tougher exercise into a rehab exercise.

Super annoying and tough situation with the major crack/pop stuff. I’d progress slowly, good, hard sledding, get in SHAPE, get strong quads with sleds and slant step ups, build up hamstrings, gradually approach full bend over time. You can make so much gain even in the prep toward that.

Mike Tillman, [09/06/2023 23:42]

Makes sense, 

So Is this always the case with every crack? Like even rn I’m literally doing calf raises right now and I have little micro cracks in my ankle ever rep, does that mean I need to regress?

Lol this is just blowing the lid off what I thought was normal

I’m guessing the answer is yes

Ben Patrick, [09/06/2023 23:47]

Not micro, the bigger stuff, where there’s real friction. Those are pretty rare. For the knee I’ve seen it quite a few times. Not a good idea to work through. Much more rare than the little crackling which is very common. It’s the more visible friction type of cracking that is tricky, not the smaller stuff.

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