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Knee Injury from Sprinting

White River, [15/09/2023 12:39]

Hey guys need your feedback before i go to the doctor

I've been always sitting on the computer 6-8 hr daily for years

I used to be a runner 10 years ago but stopped for some reasons

I'm already back with calisthenics and excersie

Last week i went for a run and did sprint, next day when i went to shopping my left knee betrayed me, i almost fell down

Im 33 old not sure what happened

Ben Patrick, [15/09/2023 13:33]

@Whiteriver9 sprinting is simply one of the most injurious activities I’ve seen as a coach… doesn’t mean it’s bad. Sprinting is awesome. But going back into it after years I’ve observed has a high incidence of strange tweaks. I’m 10+ years without a knee setback but I used patience to gradually bulletproof. Do you have video of your full barbell squat?

Sprinting is a high FORCE activity, so knee progression to full squat loading, consistently, is key in my observation:

Internal knee strength progression over time (full squat)

Behind knee strength progression over time (Nordic / ham curl)

There are also progressions to gradually adapt back to sprinting:

Backward running is a goldmine for making that progression SAFELY.

Keep me posted. You will only learn more and become a more potent coach.

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