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Knee pain after back squats

Marco A, [30/08/2023 02:57]

I got knee pain just to the left of my knee cap (on my left leg) today after doing my warmup set of back squats with 90lbs. (I warmed up with 2x15 poliquin step up, 1x20 VMO squats, 2x10 ATGSS pulses prior to this.) my top weight was gonna be 155lbs btw. 

This is the first time in a year that I’ve gotten knee pain. 

Any idea why this pain could have occurred? My guess is I should’ve used the sled

Ben Patrick, [30/08/2023 03:47]

@painfreeathletics form video is most helpful. Eccentric control is underrated and makes safe and productive sessions. But until a squat is strong, it’s probably going to be tweaky. It’s the strength that ends up changing things to be more bulletproof. I haven’t had a tweak in too many years to guess. I also got a STRONG split squat. STRONG split squat and STRONG squat are the best protectors I’ve seen.

Klokov Squat was a great routine for many naturally weaker knees to get strong! And we do those after heavier split squat work. Amazing routine. 🔥

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