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Kneesovertoesguy's ATG Shred Program Sled Usage

Ástør Vrîñdts, [18/01/2023 15:46]

@Kneesovertoesguy in the ATG Shred program, are you only doing sled once a week before the mobility & shoulder flow? Or do you also do it before the other sessions?

Ben Patrick, [18/01/2023 21:37]

Ástør not too sure yet. I do the workouts exactly as written but these days I don’t even like to warm-up. I just like to start. HOWEVER… We are making a metal ATG sled like Rogue’s but with all the needed attachments built in. With turf + real sled I rarely skip. Tank sleds get boring for me and that’s what we have at HQ right now. Tank sleds are the most convenient for ANYONE to jump in and start. Don’t have to change weights etc. But for athletes there’s nothing like a real sled on turf.

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