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Kneesovertoesguy's Social Media Strategy

Robin Vancheri, [19/10/2022 09:50]

Hey @Kneesovertoesguy, I'm trying to find a video you did explaining your social media strategies. Does it still exist somewhere?

Ben Patrick, [20/10/2022 21:10]

Robin I haven’t done anything in depth in a long time. I did a selfie podcast on Spotify maybe 6 weeks ago updating on social. That would be the closest. My social strategy has adapted as things change but the one constant is PURPOSEFUL content and delivering insane VALUE… WHILE making people aware I have full programs.

For example this drops Saturday and for under 2 minutes may be the most value on knees ever on social media. But these are just 5 of 28 Standards. For example if I was an in-person coach I’d never make a video that didn’t then clearly tell people where I am and how to hire me.

Deliver as much value as you want but make sure people are aware of your full service.

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