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Kneesovertoesguy and Kevin McSurdy discuss deloading with Advanced Zero

Ástør Vrîñdts, [29/10/2022 18:02]

@Kneesovertoesguy why are you deloading next week? Is there any specific reason you are going to deload?

Ben Patrick, [29/10/2022 20:23]


1. I’m in this for the long game. I LOVE training and looking forward to sessions. So every third week reloading is something I’ve enjoyed doing in the past.

2. Advanced zero forces more the on mobility.

3. Advanced zero forces lots of reps on bodyweight upper body stuff with rings and range of motion, which I love for my athleticism.

4. Advanced zero gives a little more mental energy for things like Nordics and sissy squats, which in themselves are max effort exercises for freaky bulletproofing.

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY: ZERO is the foundation of ATG’s success. And I’m a coach first, athlete second. Educating people how to START, NOW, for little to no cost, is a big part of my mission.

Kevin McSurdy, [30/10/2022 19:36]

Geoff Angelo @Kneesovertoesguy was wondering the same thing about de loading. Gonna try it out this week. Sounds like a killer one two punch. 10 solid standard workouts, then deload with advanced zero for week/recover. Run this cycle 7 times?

Ben Patrick, [01/11/2022 00:16]

Kevin Sounds good! As you know by now, I “change programs” a lot. But in reality, they’re very similar and I constantly chase “the perfect program” - which doesn’t really exist.

If you open up Standards and Zero Gravity, you’ll see a really nice balance of the whole body, and also more mobility.

Here’s what I’ve been formulating that has me feeling amazing in the knees and hips:

Monday step ups with COUCH STRETCH

Wednesdays full mobility day with COUCH LUNGE PULSE

Then Fridays with ATG Split Squat or ATG Lunge.

Systematically preps knees while opening up hip and quad flexibility. That’s one of my favorite formulas yet.

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