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Laid off manager seeks business training advice.

Daniel Pfohl, [02/01/2023 00:05]

Hey everyone last week I was sadly laid off from my job. I was hoping to get some suggestions from anyone with experience doing their own business training others. I’ve always been in management and/or Sales and as a hobby I was involved in fitness, sports and weight lifting and when I found the atg system it made sense to me and I love it!But I’ve never gone down the path of a earning a living or getting revenue from such things.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to start such a venture? Would an ATG Certification be enough to start training others or would I need a more main stream certification?

I actually have a good amount of sales commission owed to me from my prior job so financially I am fine for the next 3-4 months so I am able to take things slow.

Any thoughts, suggestions or resources would be appropriated.

Thanks in advance

Ben Patrick, [02/01/2023 00:25]

Daniel yes same, I’m sorry to hear that. I had no major certifications. But be prepared to market yourself and get clients. That’s the #1 area I think major improvement is needed most. ATG For Coaches is still quite new. Many referrals have occurred. But it needs to ramp up even more. So many more people doing ATG and potential clients!

App etc blah blah blah will always keep improving but getting CLIENTS will always be senior to tech. Then get RESULTS. Then market those results! And we need the social medias blasting the map where people can find coaches. Also!!! Make extra money along the way:

Additional sources of income is HUGE. In fact I’m still catching up with my lack of business competence. I should have had 3-4 sources of income years ago. I got lucky. But I think everyone should strive for 3-4 sources of income even if it’s just being sure that when you post a video, you have a code to earn sales commissions.

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