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Late night sugar cravings


Been having sugary cravings towards the end of the nights lately.


@morgengrady my go-to for carb cravings is carbs.👍

I just figured out how to balance my day. I thrive during day on proteins, moderate caffeine, and optional avocado, then at night I enjoy carbs. This gives me a nice balance and allows me to have a shredded physique but high energy.

ATG was built on me having a pretty insane work ethic. I found I didn’t need any carbs during the day. Just some steak and espresso. Major fuel for me. Then I can enjoy carbs at night.

I’d say find what you ENJOY, that WORKS, rather than suppressing cravings, etc.

Now as a dad I like being just as sharp all day: mental, physical… kids are more work than work lol! Then at night the carbs relax me for big sleep. I go to sleep as soon as I can after the kids do, I mean within minutes. So I get loads of sleep.

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