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Lateral and Rotational Drills Don't Increase Home Runs

Ben Patrick, [10/09/2022 16:13]

Random but… For baseball-type clients wondering “why not do a bunch of lateral and rotational drills?”

The whole craze of lateral and rotational training in sports showed ZERO increase of home runs.

Steroids on the other JACKED up home runs.

So we need to get someone stronger while getting them more mobile at the same time, and yes jacking up QL. But there’s not some big muscle that contracts by twisting, that’s capable of massive strength change. Your legs, glutes, low back, Lats, etc can change dramatically in strength and have huge effects.

So ATG-style Dense work, lots of volume in strength-hypertrophy ranges, with diet of major caloric surplus and enough protein, is probably the closest thing a baseball player could do to steroid results. Particular with our full range of motion exercises, full range carries over really well to athleticism. Hence Stefan Holm deep squat king of all high jumpers, and most successful high jumper. But high jumpers don’t deep squat because a jump doesn’t look like a deep squat. And swinging a bat doesn’t look like what it will actually take to maximize that ability.

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