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Lateral Hip Mobility Exercises Recommendations

Samuel Napp, [09/06/2023 01:11]

I’ve been looking for the split squat equivalent for lateral hip mobility and side splits. Does any one have any recommendations?

@Kneesovertoesguy - you experimented with the horse stance squat about a year ago. I was honestly thinking this might be the movement. Why’d you decide to go away from this movement?

I also remember Charles poliquin didn’t like Cossack squats, but can’t remember why.

Ben Patrick, [09/06/2023 01:22]

Samuel I haven’t found something I love yet for middle split. Poliquin didn’t like Cossack squat for knee health reasons. (Pressure on side of knee). What I know for sure is full range split squats + seated GMs lay a great foundation for adductor protection. And my eyes are always open for safest middle split strength through length option.

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