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Learning from Injuries in Sports


The most important thing I learned from ATG is this: Today I played soccer and hurt my groin pretty bad. Instead of being down that I probably can’t play tomorrow and angry about why it happened. The injury means I have so much potential. I have had good progress on my split squat and Couch Stretch lately, but my hip mobility in other areas are not as great as I want. I can now take responsibility and get my groin stronger than ever! I no longer look at this as a set back! Just a wake-up call that I have some weak links! 

Can’t wait for tomorrows session💪🏼🔥


Simen Aam soccer has high force on the groin. Seated GM is the WORST exercise I’ve seen in soccer players, on average… Meaning, relative to other athletes and to their own abilities, the Seated GM is the stiffest/weakest lift I’ve found yet (for soccer)

I think Seated GM mastery is a great idea for soccer. Loaded butterfly might also be excellent for soccer.

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