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Leg length discrepancy and SI joint pain.


Hey guys, has any had experience with a client with a slight leg length discrepancy or being told they had this by a physiotherapist? 

I have a slightly longer right leg apparently, which is contributing to my SI joint pain, 

yet from further research I believe it to be a functional discrepancy (caused by muscular tightness) rather than any difference in actual bone length. 

Any advice or experience would be of much help, cheers!


@SamuelGez I’ve seen best results by not paying attention to these kind of labels. I’ve observed more harm than good. One leg longer than other? Stand up right now facing a mirror and send me a picture please. Let’s see this imbalance.

My guess is whatever your imbalance is, is a FAR CRY from stopping you from getting results. Muscles etc. are POWERFUL things that can overcome tons of structural imperfections.

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