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Less force but more weight better than ATG?

Christopher Frost, [12/09/2023 15:40]

Love when you see people claim less force on the joint is better, then immediately follow up with claiming you can do “more weight”.  Otherwise known as a charlatan 😅

Ben Patrick, [12/09/2023 22:05]

@BackToLumby great learning point…

I don’t get mad if I see a hater because I understand them… In this case I understand them precisely:

Most college graduates were taught that you cannot isolate the VMO, no knees over toes, no full knee bend. Later research shows full range of motion PRESERVES THE KNEE compared to half squats, and that fuller range of motion EMPHASIZES the VMO. They were not taught the difference between isolate and emphasize. Isolate would mean NO other quads are working. We don’t even want that; we want strong quads. Research shows…

1. Stronger quads = less knee pain

2. More VASTUS MEDIALIS relative to the rest of the quads = less knee pain!

3. Full range of motion = more knee protection!

4. Full range of motion = MORE vastus medialis development proportionately!

But college graduates are not taught the most up to date knee research, and don’t have practical experience applying it. All of you do. So, we are more effective. Thus, ATG is the fastest growing fitness system on earth.

Don’t like my short social media videos? Ok. Don’t like that I’m a skinny white dude? Ok. None of the things I get hate for matter enough, because we simply get results. And I never acknowledge the hate, it’s false data. So, I don’t acknowledge it. I observe all criticism, some minor points are legit so I keep working. I need to be a better product of ALL 20 Standards, not just knees.

Spent 3 hours just on rotators today. That’s how long a full Standards shoot is for me for all platforms. Yesterday was 3 hours of seated Goodmorning. I’m determined to become better at all 20 Standards than I ever have. That’s legit. I need to be stronger. But I haven’t seen any other legit criticism. Not one piece.

And if you UNDERSTAND the hater, then you don’t hate them, you know why they’re hating. You know exactly what data they are missing or were taught incorrectly. 

The half-rep boys simply lack the full understanding. The college system failed them. Once you are wrong on something, it’s much tougher to go back.


“Provided that technique is learned accurately under expert supervision and with progressive training loads, the deep squat presents an effective training exercise for protection against injuries and strengthening of the lower extremity. Contrary to commonly voiced concern, deep squats do not contribute increased risk of injury to passive tissues.”

I think ATG Coaches should be able to recite this word for word. It’s the end of the PubMed link above, 2013. How many college graduates do you think are being taught this? The truest methods are often 20-30 years ahead of what has been set up in textbooks and exams. 

Sometimes things aren’t evil. They’re just incorrect. And then it’s a lot harder to change. I don’t even think of haters as “bad” - just not educated with the most accurate data on the knee. A very small percent of people are actually awful. Most “enemies” are just struggling. Imagine being educated one way… Then you see breakthrough results and ATG blowing up from using methods that are different than what you were taught?

Most people against full knee bend simply fall into that category. They were educated contrary to the accurate data on this subject, so then they’ve been out there getting less results than they could be, so when they see more results are possible, it strikes against all their very REAL efforts to HELP PEOPLE.

Most everyone in health is on the same team.

With ATG we have a big task. Because our task isn’t to fight anyone, it’s to educate above it, and that’s much tougher than fighting.

Shane Walker, [12/09/2023 23:08]

Absolutely. And how could you ever take haters criticism the wrong way when you know what you’ve overcome with your own injuries

Ben Patrick, [12/09/2023 23:09]

@shanewalkerr yep! When you have experienced it, and know the education they’re missing, you understand them. What you understand then doesn’t bother you.

“I just don’t get them!” 😡 - different opinions are frustrating when you don’t know exactly why. I strive to understand ABOVE arguments rather then get into them.

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