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Listing Lifestyle Goals for Success

Ben Patrick, [31/12/2022 19:12]

Every year I list my goals but not in the usual way: I list my actual lifestyle, from waking up to going to sleep. This has been a lot more effective for me than randomly listing goals. It’s easier to get somewhere when you know exactly what that looks like. Of course it can change as you go, but I do think this made real changes in my success and life. Example:

“I drop off and pick up Onyx from preschool each day.” That’s different than “Spend more time with kids.”

If I have to drop off and pick up, I’ll have to coordinate my efficiency around that. A lot of what I do is just figuring out how to remove stuff I don’t HAVE to be doing and then ignore “creator’s block” on what I have to.

You can do this privately or share anything you learn from writing your “goals” in this unusual way.

2023 Goals - listed as what your day looks like? You can even add targets to it, but definitely write out your actual day, NOT just a list of things you hope happen.

My main duty to ATG is to have 4 sources of income flourishing by end of 2023. This will increase actual profit margins to allow for continued staff growth. Each of the past 2 years I’ve become closer to my goal of all ATG Staff making $100k. Current model doesn’t physically allow that though, hence I have to add more profit per staff member.

That’s a goal ⬆️ - but now I have to create my lifestyle to make that goal into a reality. Listing it alone doesn’t ensure it’ll get done.

I won’t list my whole schedule, but I can give a real example:

Weekends I script and Monday I shoot my weekly video. That’s it. One video. Giving my best. Any more and the biz side of things falls to the wayside.

Weekends are major kid time but kids take naps and have other chill time. Not possible for me to get real work done. BUT I can script and visualize so that I’m fired up and can’t wait to film come Monday morning.

Then it’s necessity that the video smoothly aligns multiple income sources.

So there’s an example of efficiency based on the fact I have to reserve so much time for business AND kids, whereas in past it was “okay” for me to just workout and film every day and “not think about business” - or have extra time reserved for my kids.

If you looked at the daily lives of most major content creators, you’d see pretty random film work every day Monday through Friday. Not aligned. Not actually their best quality or DUTY-driven. Just random drivel that quite frankly wastes the viewer’s time. This ain’t working. It’s not making the world a better place. Me SHUTTING UP and just putting out one professional piece of content per week has gained me more followers in the past 12 weeks than my average with the previous style of daily semi-garbage, which I assumed was necessary.

But if I didn’t have kids, I’d have never stumbled on this, escaped the Matrix, and now only have to post once a week.

Trying to film daily prior to kids sharpened my skills. So there is no one-size-fits-all. Your gut instinct will know what’s right.

But that above is WAYYYYYYYY different than “reach X amount of followers in 2023.” Sure, you can list whatever goals you want, but I need to see your daily and weekly flows for your LIFE, to think you’re really going to make 2023 move you forward.

Since making this strategic shift to only one film day, and visualizing to prepare all weekend, my BIZ brain has exploded into new heights. I predict in a few years people will be thinking I’m some natural business wizard. Nope. But I’d be willing to bet I’m working harder and smarter on future business strategy than any of my fitness influencer peers. Mathematically less time filming, more time with a gun to my head to make this work out for the team.

In previous years I used that math to put out more content.

It’s still just math of how you shift things.

Today finishes 2 years no entertainment and no cheat meals.

So mentally I also ensure I have more ON time than the competition, mathematically.

It’s like having more shots in a game. Doesn’t mean you win. But you have more of a chance.

I’m not stopping either. I feel way better living life creatively than asking for other things to soothe and gratify me.

Anyone taking my strategies above massively increases chances of success from the pack… AND THAT INCLUDES BEING A GREAT PARENT! I’m still a better dad than I am a trainer. And I always will be. Because that’s what I prioritize most.

Weekends I’m with my kids all day, no workouts, no calls, etc.

Onyx happens to be playing with his toys while I write all that out, after we’ve been playing or walking the last few hours. On we go… 🫡❤️

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