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LIVING IT: The Biggest Disconnect in Strength Coaching

Ben Patrick, [16/12/2022 18:10]

For me growing up, the biggest disconnect with trainers is they didn’t have the results in themselves that I needed in myself. Now having had thousands of conversations with athletes and with people struggling with physical problems, this remains the case. This is what made ATG. Doesn’t mean a coach has to be a freak athlete or freaky bulletproof to be a good coach. But it is what makes ATG different: a coach having experienced the results the client needs. Same goes for any physical pursuit.

Powerlifting, get someone who LIVES IT + ATG. Body comp? Doesn’t matter the goal. This is what makes ATG unique. LIVING IT.

When I’m 50, I’ll demand of myself to be one of the healthiest 50-year-old basketballers on the planet, and doing so will make me an even better coach. Just something to think about.

LIVING IT is the biggest disconnect in the strength coaching industry, and therefore the biggest opportunity. Real example:

Baseball strength coach had to quit playing after SEVEN shoulder surgeries. He brought some of his players to see me at the OG ATG and they all tested pathetic on our big 3 shoulder decelerators. I told them and their parents they had a high chance of shoulder surgery. The strength coach was so offended I never saw them again. But guess what, I don’t live baseball so I couldn’t convince them - THOUGH some of the parents went behind his back and brought their kids to me to get measurably stronger in… the exact opposite of throwing. It’s common sense. But it’s still the biggest disconnect.

NBA players’ loves being ruined by knee problems… have powerlifting coaches with knee surgeries who don’t know what it’s like to:

A) play basketball

B) build successful knees for basketball

ATG is NEW. What you see is not the final form. This is the beginning. Our programs will expand by people LIVING IT and creating RESULTS in their zones. The G in ATG is untapped compared to what the next 10 years will look like. We just solve problems. We don’t force solutions on people who don’t need them. But the sports strength coaching field, as one example, has its athletes badly suffering due to lack of LIVING RESULTS in its coaches. Would you go to a dentist with bad teeth? A broke financial advisor? But that’s the kind of strength coach who can make the highest levels of pro sports.

ATG is badly needed. And you could be 75 years old. If at 75 you could jump pain free, etc. you’d be better than every NBA strength coach right now.

Ok, rant over. Just something that came to mind, as the #1 problem in the strength coaching world.

I have to deal with the endless hopeless messages from these athletes who have strength coaches WITH NO SKIN IN THE GAME, NO GUTS, NO RESULTS. Do those 3 and anyone can be a life-changing coach. All that being said, this is just one aspect. Charles Poliquin taught his coaches how to train any sport, with great results. But my results for basketball have been a cut above, because I lived it. Charles Poliquin laid the clues. Ben Clarfield carries his legacy with accuracy. We have the clues. As a group we can create the antidote to the biggest disconnect in strength coaching.

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