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Long-term rehab principles after surgery.

  1. Mike Tillman, [10/06/2023 20:04]

Ok great, thanks guys @Kneesovertoesguy Martin 

He’s only like 2-3 weeks out meniscus surgery so he thinks he’s probably really right from that to?

I had him go lower on a step so he could bring his front foot heel up further to allow more knee bend, he said this helped with the range but still nothing compared to his right leg. 

Should I tell him to try another lower step until he finds the full ROM with his left (bad) knee?

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 20:24]

Mike, I don’t address short-term rehab after surgery or injury. When you can walk well… Start sledding. 

My game is long game, not surgery rehab within only a few weeks. But you can still think with principles. Sledding is a progression of walking, Step ups are a progression of sledding, Split squats are then a progression of step ups and a regression of squats. No need to rush the process after a surgery.

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