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Managing Active Recovery with an Active Job

Megan Starling, [22/06/2023 23:45]

Hey, so obviously active recovery is key… but any tips on how to manage active recovery while working an active job? 

I think I tweaked my patellar tendon and I work with kids so I’m moving a lot during the day. Nothing at work really hurts (unless I accidentally fully extend my knee with too much weight) but it does get swollen and I’m wondering if I should still be going to the gym and doing whatever exercises I can tolerate on top of work? I know ice isn’t the best but it seems to be the only thing that allows me to keep working right now. Any tips?

Ben Patrick, [23/06/2023 01:03]

Megan flossing is a technique that’s often helped when rest isn’t an option. Quality sledding is also super effective. I’m glad I have flossing in my arsenal, even if I rarely use it.

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