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Managing Knee Pain in Bow-Legged Individuals

Khadim Fall, [22/08/2023 19:16]

Does someone have experience with severe BOW LEGS related knee pain or discomfort? Maybe something additional that could help besides just the normal knee ability routine and exercises? Maybe something about Rotation of the tibia or strengthening specific muscles to help support the knee, that’s struggling because of the bow legged alignment?

Ben Patrick, [22/08/2023 19:17]

Khadim check out Dmitry Klokov… He was super bow-legged. Some of the strongest knees ever.

I think it’s just a matter of MORE ability. At some point the ability overtakes the structural difference and is able to resist the pain.

That’s my observation with all relatively common differences. Not stuff like clients who had a stroke and now can’t activate a part of the body. I would still aim for more ability in all cases, but results will vary based on how great the structural difference is.

Klokov jumped to mind since he has such great ability but is also bow legged.

With relatively little warm up Fernando New Number and I watched him snatch 374 pounds after pausing long enough to recite a poem for his wife (no joke). This was at a live seminar with Klokov and Charles Poliquin. Clearly his ability rose far greater than any structural issues.

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