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Managing Knee Swelling in Soccer

Khadim Fall, [05/06/2023 10:55]

Hey everyone! My knee is swelling when I do backwards sledding. Afterwards my knee feels restricted and heavy and it feels like my quads are pulling on the knee to much. It cools down in about 30 min and I do not feel any extra pain. I do ATG SS as well also not feeling pain but a little bit of swelling. I‘m trying to get out of patellar tendon pain when playing football (soccer) and regarding the swelling I‘m not quite sure whether to regress or just do even more sledding or stretching and maybe implement flossing?

Would appreciate any help!🙏🏾

Ben Patrick, [05/06/2023 13:20]

Khadim always send video first. The majority of problems occur when things are not duplicated correctly. You also probably have a major pump. That pump very well may heal your knees much better than doing nothing. 

But… Sled (forward and backward), Reverse step up, ATG split squat, ATG Squat, Couch stretch - Nordic – Tib. You have major layers to improve enough not to get patellar pain when playing soccer. Master the layers. Send in your form on every layer.

It’s not fully clear to me if you’re getting a pump or actual knee swelling, so it would be important for Marcel and team to see your form on all those exercises.

Soccer is a very easy sport to play pain-free because you don’t have repeated max effort jumps excessively. You can absolutely do it. Volleyball and basketball can be much trickier if someone is still doing jumps well beyond the patellar tendon’s ability. And you can get there, too.

If you’re playing soccer, keep playing once a week as a measure. And get a GREAT ATG squat. For soccer, that makes it super easy. For basketball, you often have super long bodies and super IMBALANCED knees, so full squats are still the goal but for basketball the step ups and split squats can relate more to playing pain-free. For soccer you have it very easy by comparison. You also still have extremes of random impact.

KNEE FLEXION is crucial. Soccer has more random knee injuries. Hence, you gotta be BULLETPROOF. STRONG deep squat and STRONG Nordics and ham curls. Whereas basketball has more chronic knee problems.

So, to get out of pain and bulletproof up, it’s too simple: master the Knee Ability Series. You have a full team to help you master it. Seeing your form over time is critical.

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