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Mastering Basics: Key to Athletic Success

Ferenc Hegyközi, [29/05/2023 18:32]

Hey guys do you have any suggestions on implementing strongman exercises into my training. Sled is a must of course but are there any that I should consider? (Farmer walks..)

Ben Patrick, [29/05/2023 21:24]

Ferenc at the original ATG we had… Sleds, Farmers Walks, Super Yoke, Log Press. My conclusions…

Sled is a winner for every client. Farmers Walks may be useful for football. They surely tested mental toughness. Super Yoke and Log Press are awesome strongman lifts, BUT… My clients simply needed more work on the basics, so I couldn’t justify the time on those exercises.

ATG Split Squats, Abs-to-Bench Seated GMs, Full Squats w/ Chains, Nordics, Full-range Pressing, Pull-ups, External Rotators. These things produced scholarships at rapid rates when MASTERED. Rarely are they mastered. When big guys master them, they wind up looking jacked, too.

I’m sure my high school football team was mastering those ATG basics better than any high school football team in America: and not surprisingly we had the most D1 scholarships per player.

I personally enjoyed the strongman stuff but again didn’t see my basketball improve more, and actually saw my basketball take the next leap of progress by returning to the basics and mastering them at higher levels

Olympic lifting, Strongman, are a lot of fun and have tons of different types of benefits. As a trainer you have to choose the best tools for your client.

My conclusion is the athletic cheat code is mastering the more basic things at higher levels than the competition. Remember that even ATG Split Squat was once just an unusual way to catch a Snatch. Sled is a Strongman exercise turned into ATG-style rehab and cardio. Nordic is a calisthenics exercise dating back to 1880.

The ATG system is made up of tools from all over, with tremendous gratitude for where they came from. But ATG is not a sport in itself, and mastering forms and purposes behind exercises makes us more capable of helping any client, rather than conforming a client to a fitness system that is ultimately a sport.

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