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Mastering Standards for Knee Bulletproofing

Ben Patrick, [28/11/2022 19:48]

Standards Observation:

Preface: Standards are almost like "what can shit athletes actually get to that are general numbers yet in alignment with Structural Balance: Poliquin Step Up is thus 15 reps at 50% BW.

Now through 2023 I'm focusing on MASTERING each Standard and not necessarily going heavier.

Quick message to Ben Clarfield reveals Poliquin sometime went HIGHER step with skiers, who were in toughest knee sport. For me, knee bulletproofing is my biggest sports advantage. So instead of 6" step and going heavier, I went 9" step and 15 reps at 50% BW SMOKED ME!! Anyways, HIGHER step on Poliquin Step Up is intense on reverse step ups, not something I would advise broadly. But for further knee bulletproofing it was very interesting that 9" step 50% bodyweight was almost tougher than 6" step 100%. So it’s still possible for me that chasing the perfect rep (or more reps) is a viable plan. In fact, it’s all viable… More mastery (or reps) of a basic, more load, more height, all workable. And that’s where coaching is an art I think of the EXERCISES of ATG as a science, and the programming and coaching as an art.

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