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Maximizing Hamstring Strength for Athletic Performance

Ben Patrick, [10/02/2023 15:59]

My 3 rep max is 76kg (Hamstring Curl Machine). Meaning: less than my bodyweight. Seems like the freaks can do bodyweight x 8. (I’m about 82kg bodyweight). Ben Clarfield what do you think?

I think if I could do 82kg x 8, compared to 76kg x 3 (BARELY making third rep), I’d run faster and jump higher/farther off one foot.

Success leaves clues. Stefan Holm has video (in German) on YouTube squatting ROCK BOTTOM and going HAM on ham curl machine.

ATG Shred Program we’re using Nordic on Tuesday and Ham Curl on Friday. I think the balance of those two is the best results. Maximally challenge short and long ranges = more wins, less risk of tweaks/overuse, and greater overall gain.

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