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Maximizing Marketing Potential on Facebook

Ben Patrick, [10/11/2022 22:38]

Tried my first Twitter thread. ⬆️I highly recommend it for coaches because it’s an area where you can go still VIRAL but to great potential clients, without ad spend or special connections.

Let's get REAL with some marketing data. I'm starting to check (same time each week) where my website visits are coming from. You would probably guess IG, right? Well, Facebook is highest, by far! Facebook I have 149,000 followers now. All because Hampton (Hybrid Calisthenics) told me to post my Reels on Facebook too. Now Facebook doesn't even have Reels but I post each week's video there and they consistently get shared a ton around Facebook. I also put my marketing money on Facebook since it's in that nice juicy area where I have some followers, but not everyone has seen my stuff yet.

Another note... My most followers last week were on... TikTok! Yet TikTok isn't even showing up in the top 10! TikTok = probably not real client potential.

At least that's what stats indicate. Facebook indicates serious potential clients. Twitter I think has a lot of potential too.

Bottom line: there is some truth to “your weakest link is where you have the most potential” - even in regards to social media.

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