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Measurable goals and recovery options.

Ben Patrick, [18/06/2022 22:10]

(Question about recovery)

By measuring if I can do 2% more each week, it’s easy for me to monitor recovery. Top athletes train multiple times a day. One session a day is pretty easy for me. I don’t watch TV and go to sleep super duper early and I’m in a caloric surplus. So you have a lot of factors for recovery. Training plan is only one factor. I personally have better results not “mixing it up” and sticking with the same plan and working to get stronger each week. The plan is so BALANCED that factors into recovery itself. I’m not squatting 3 days a week. Just once. The step up day improves the split squat day. The split squat day improves the squat day. Someone could do more or less.

If your goal is hypertrophy but you want to prioritize calisthenics, you’re not necessary pursuing an exact goal, since resistance training can greatly help with hypertrophy. For the upper body yes.

I’m just saying I would suggest setting some clearer goals for yourself. MEASURABLE is the keyword, set precisely measurable goals for yourself. You can pursue anything you want, but I suggest having it something you can measure, your goals. I’m lucky: I’m trying to run faster and jump higher. Without goals for what you want to DO with your body, I think it gets a lot tougher. I have exact measurable goals that I want my body to DO, just like a pro athlete does, so it makes my body the athlete and my training the experiment. I didn’t periodize to transform my athleticism, other than alternate Dense/Standards (volume/intensity) and seek to get stronger while mastering form. Life itself and success can be pretty simple.

If you can’t recover you have options:

1. Less volume on each

2. Less frequency

You could rotate your workouts

A 7 day week is arbitrary. I make 5 day programs only because it’s simple, not perfect. Charles Poliquin used 5 day rotations NOT 7 days!

This means Day 1 starts Monday, then again Saturday, then again the next Thursday! That was shooting for perfection. Ben Clarfield knows Poliquin’s data inside and out, my advice would be ensuring you get on his live calls.

If I started Earth over I’d probably use a 10 day week.

Lol… I think I’m like you and I want to be training it all. But I try to look at the whole picture and see how I can stay healthy without doing every single exercise, because it just wouldn’t be possible

For example I like Front Squats but Back Squat is easier to rest the weight when doing 10 sets in Dense, then for Standards Front Squat is actually a bit safer to go near max loads because the bar isn’t on your neck if you fail… so maybe you could practice making your own versions of Dense and Standards. Dense to prepare your body, Standards to peak it, roughly speaking. So that would be good practice for yourself is writing 2 programs rather than 1 and then getting on Ben Clarfield ‘s calls where you can also learn all Poliquin’s advanced gems and more.

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