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Meniscus Strain Diagnosis Questioned


This morning I went through a regressed zero leg day. No pain besides a little discomfort during my first set of split squats. I want to know if anyone else has had an injury in the same region or if my meniscus strain diagnosis is off?


Jackson with intense sports, tweaks like that really wouldn’t be safe to “diagnose” online I don’t think. However, patiently going through the paces: Reverse Sled, Reverse Step Up, ATG Split Squat, ATG Squat, never working through pain has worked for so many tweaks never diagnosed. Even if it were diagnosed, my job would still be to get the basics slowly back in. Your sport is a tough one!

-Freaky bulletproofing reserve

-mastery of skill

And even then it’s an intense sport. Sorry I can’t give a “diagnosis” brother.

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