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Natural Healing for Torn ACLs

Parkour Steve Valiquette, [14/07/2023 05:05]

Can you elaborate a bit on 'ability', sir? 

For instance, I have a potential client who's had a serious ACL tear, or something to that effect, and I've told her that there MAY still be options other than a surgery that she's terrified to get. (I'm a brand new coach and not as confident in my approach). I know in your case you've avoided surgery on the one knee even with tears, etc. And this talk about ability sounds great, but what does that look like for this example of a torn up knee, specifically?

Ben Patrick, [14/07/2023 05:13]

Parkour Steve recent medical data shows many ACLs heal naturally

Parkour Steve read this ⬆️

Parkour Steve Valiquette, [14/07/2023 05:29]

That's super awesome that research is supporting what you and yours have been preaching since the start !! Very good article. What do you think about the bracing method of retaining 90° bend while exercising? It seems logical that bracing would be another form of regression, probably required for a person with a torn knee ligament. But the 90° seriously restricts and limits a lot of the ATG checklist from being trained, no?

Ben Patrick, [15/07/2023 05:16]

Parkour Steve bracing would go further into rehab than ATG is. I have helped literally 100s heal torn ligaments naturally through the Knee Ability system. Pain-free ability is always the guide, not arbitrary limits or diagnoses.

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