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Neck extensions optional in beginner program.

Morgen Grady, [21/04/2023 05:12]

I thought there were neck extensions in the back ability program? @Kneesovertoesguy

Ben Patrick, [21/04/2023 06:18]

Optional as first step… For beginner programs I often don’t use one exercise that I like, if it has higher chance of mess up. Like I LOVE sissy squats actually but took them out of Zero because it had high chance of mess up.

No reason to throw away split squats, etc. because one exercise gets risky early in the game.

Neck bridge I love! But back ability zero has such basics as ATG split squats, seated good mornings, etc.!

Neck Bridge will do well once some of those basics get going, so someone isn’t scared off by neck DOMs in their first ATG program.

You can and should add them if you’re used to them 🔥

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