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Neck Training and Sleep Apnoea Risk

Stephan, [05/11/2022 23:26]

I have heard that training to neck will make it thicker of course and then will make you more susceptible to obstructive sleep apnoea. Does anyone have some data or experience on this topic? Maybe @painfreelifeguy

Ben Patrick, [06/11/2022 19:14]

Stephan my general philosophy is the body was designed right, so… If we train one area, we would be susceptible to issues if we do not balance the whole body. So I think moderate neck training would help health all-around, compared to skipping an area of the body. That being said:

I believe coaching experience in knowing how to detect a weak point is key.

If a client already has a strong neck or whatever, I wouldn’t force them. And I’m not an expert on necks. So that’s just my take as one coach, not as an authority on the subject. I have 1000X more experience with knees than necks.

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