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New Body Comp Program with Minimal Equipment

Ástør Vrîñdts, [12/01/2023 18:32]

@Kneesovertoesguy is this the dense style body comp program you were talking about or is that another one ?

Ben Patrick, [12/01/2023 20:39]

Ástør different one because both options will be huge:

Dense is simple and minimal equipment, Standards requires much more equipment

So this is more like how to run a group class. Next Wednesday we are filming a live session. The formula is simple. It’s ONE of infinite ways to body comp.

Ankle, Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow. Mon/Thurs Extension. Tue/Fri Flexion.

It’s been very fun and scales so everyone here at HQ loves it. It simply adds another option. We need LOTS more amazing program options. BUT!!!!!! A program must be marketable. My role is taking these things in ways that can apply to the masses.

This particular program is for someone who has all the ATG-style equipment and wants to get a body comp workout. 6 weeks a touch higher reps, 3 sets. 6 weeks a touch heavier, lower reps, 4 sets. 30 minute timer on 3 set sessions. 40 minute timer on 4 set sessions. Optional grip/wrist after sessions. Wednesday mobility + neck, rotators, etc. It was a super fun workout as a group today!

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