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New System for Understanding Anatomy and Exercise

Ben Patrick, [11/05/2023 23:14]

Just today I was looking at this: Here we are in 2023 with no long-term studies on hip flexor length, and no studies at all on ATG Split Squats. And even if there were, it would take decades to get into an already-flawed system. Hence… new system is better.

And my personal goal is to provide understanding of anatomy and exercise, not tell people what to conclude. If it’s not self-evident, it’s not true, for me.

And boy does it suck when a mistake in a study makes people attack people telling the truth lol! So, that game is not for me. Better to study anatomy and how the body works!

We are doing a great job of creating our own system where we show the why, rather than tell people to believe something without showing it.

ATG proves you can just teach to help - not make anyone wrong - and thrive.

Correct: only results save us. We will never be safe unless we get results. Hence must always be working toward the best possible results in the real world.

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