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Nordic Reverse Squat for Hamstring Focus

Kal Sallouha, [03/06/2023 21:35]

I'm just playing around with end range work. Not sure if anyone has tried this or if it has a name but I present with Nordic Reverse Squat. It's a more hamstring focused reverse squat variation

Ben Patrick, [03/06/2023 21:52]

@Kal_s23 Keegan has been working on similar regressions… seems like a good way to warm up when there’s no ham curl present.

I’ve been doing Nordics every day actually… Nordics are one people tweak on so I’ve been trying to really clearly see why. I did at least 3 sets of Nordics every day M-F this week. I would personally summarize: Ham curl till, eccentric control till, concentric.

Likely, people try concentric who can’t control eccentric. Or try eccentric who don’t have a base of ham curl.

Most young people can start eccentric. I also think eccentric can work great if only done once per week, and balanced with plenty of single leg J curl / Back Extension.

@Kal_s23 I think what you’re doing there is great… Probably harder to teach.

Keegan is very intuitive, and has made a lot of Nordic progress the past few years.

I believe I could Nordic every day of my life because the movement difficulty is now not too risky… But I like having quality formula for people.

Sorinex is doing a custom ATG rack for HQ, one side squat rack, other side dip, chin, ham curl. This would make ATG gyms very simple.

I like to not pressure people. ENJOY the process, work at the level that feels good. No rush on ham curl. No rush on eccentric Nordic. No rush on concentric Nordic. It can flow smoothly.

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