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Nordic Strength and Athletic Performance

George Birch, [13/06/2023 22:43]

Anyone seen a freakier kid on Nordics than this ? 😮😮😮

One of the fastest kids in the area for his age (video of the kid repping cheetah Nordics)

Ben Patrick, [13/06/2023 22:56]

@georgebirch LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!

The trick as an adult is to do Nordics like that kid… PLUS have all the other strengths. Nordic is bodyweight knee flexion. So it’s not actually a test of knee flexion strength. It’s a test of knee flexion RELATIVE to the rest of the body. Let me give you a crazy statement…

The BEST in the world at Nordics mathematically will NOT be the fastest athlete. They’ll be close, and they might be the best long jump athlete. But the fastest athlete would have a more jacked upper body.

Imagine two athletes with identical knee flexion but one can’t do a single dip or chin, absolutely twig upper body. This person won’t run as fast.

Look at 100m sprinters. You need a certain amount of upper body strength for maximum speed. For one foot jumping, not so much. For standing vertical jump, yes!

So it’s pretty cool as you get to higher levels of ATG understanding, that you can think with the data and realize how it applies without any blanket statements.

This is also why Nordic is so amazing for most people, because it forces you to get knee flexion to catch up to the rest of the body.

So kids can actually get UNREAL at Nordics if they have little muscle to lift.

Speed must combine all abilities.

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