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Nordics like Pull-Ups

Ben Patrick, [06/03/2023 23:53]

This is why the Nordic is based on Mother Nature… If you get AMAZING at pull ups… you just probably got worse at Nordics. Add a 20 pound vest on Nordic and it’s 50X tougher lol!

So now imagine all of us doing that over our lifting careers. Knee flexion - broadly - is simply too weak per mother nature’s design. So if your nephew didn’t work on Nordics, by end of high school probably sucks at them. It’s like structural balance for kids. 

Keep Nordic as strong as pull up and you probably 100X pro sports odds.

Also keep slant squat as strong as push up and then bench press.

Kid = slant squat reps like push ups. Teen/Adult = slant squat like bench press?

It would sure work better than neglecting them.

Dillon, [07/03/2023 01:35]

With "Kid Slant Squat reps like Pushups" would an example be: ATG pushup 12 reps to Slant Squat 12 reps body weight? Or something different?

Ben Patrick, [07/03/2023 01:43]

More like: be able to crush 50 each with full range without stopping. (Basketball players for example often can’t even do a slant squat when starting) This would build the knees so much better than the current system of neglect. Which is sad because kids naturally can do it. Then lose it rapidly through neglect.

And I think if an athlete was repping 225 on bench, should be repping 225 on slant squat. Every basketball player with bad knees would fail that assignment. 

So the slant squat = push up and Nordic = pull up.

Is more like a helpful guide for young athletes, and it takes so little time.

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