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Opinions on Chest Flies

Bryce Merriman, [20/12/2022 23:27]

@Kneesovertoesguy What’s your thoughts on chest flies. I’ve been doing them for a few weeks now on dense on Thursday’s after the incline press. (Doing them with DB’s like I saw in one of Poliquins videos where you externally rotate your hands at the bottom to get more stretch) what do you think would be a good standard to aim for?

Ben Patrick, [20/12/2022 23:30]

Bryce to me the cable chest fly seem simple and legit… Dumbbells can work too. Seems like a good accessory for bodybuilding purposes. I don’t have enough experience for a strong opinion. Probably not the best kind of movement to think with a Standard. I don’t have enough experience to know a solid goal for them.

I taught them the way Poliquin did. Perhaps THE most butchered form though. Meaning took the most coaching. There wasn’t enough reward for the risk, for me to keep them in. ATG Bodybuilding could be a phenomenal system in future but won’t be me. Someone would have to achieve great success using ATG for that purpose. Knees and jumping will probably always be my things.

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