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Optimal foot placement for squatting.

Mark Mammoser, [03/05/2023 17:54]

a lot of squatting is finding foot position thats optimal for your body mechanically. not everyone will have the same ATG squat foot placement, and heel elevation height varies

for me as a catcher my whole life playing baseball, my toes have to point out at about a 45 degree angle for my knees to track my toes and squat all the way down. i can’t get ass to grass with my toes straight ahead UNLESS i add at least 30-40 degrees of heel elevation

Ben Patrick, [03/05/2023 17:58]

Totally normal. Even in nature, people either squat on the toes with flat back… Or on the heels with rounded back.

It’s elite to be able to do both. I can only do both because I have a crazy mobile seated Goodmorning and ATG split squat.

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