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Osteochondritis dissecans on both knees and osgood-schlatter


Anyone have recommendations on books for speed training? My son is in track for the 100, 200, triple and long and any literature on it would be awesome!


In my opinion, doesn’t exist. I read so many of those type of books growing up and was lead so wrong

Read all you want! But don’t fail to master the basics, too.

Most kids training books are by people without results who will regurgitate ineffective strength training and plyos. Get ready for regurgitation of the exact same ineffective methods over and over. Sadly. 

I’m writing that as my next Amazon book this year, + more details. Will be so different from what’s out there. Lays a real foundation. If you take the first target alone: match pull up with Nordic strength, you’re ahead of all the books I read. Unless you won the genetic lottery, gotta drive up pound for pound strength through full range without missing links, and in doing so, you have a cheat code of your own. 📈

Every coach in this chat has huge potential to change any zone. It’s a duty for the kids. I’m simply writing the book my dad and I wish we had. Simple mission. We have a duty to the sport coaching world, because we can help young athletes develop so much healthier and happier.

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